Gary lies to protect Roy

Roy tells the police he thought Gary was one of the teenagers who’s been hounding him, he hit Gary repeatedly and deserves to be punished. In the hospital, Anna’s shocked by the extent of Gary’s bruises and appalled when he confesses to trying to steal from the cafe till. In an attempt to protect Roy, Gary lies to the police, telling them that Roy only hit him once.

Eileen and Michael are concerned to discover they’ve not been paid. Andrea phones Lloyd in Spain who gives her the account details, but as Andrea accesses the Street Cars bank account, she’s horrified to see that the business is £10k overdrawn!

Leanne returns to the Bistro as manager and is impressed with Gavin. But when she demands a reference from Gavin’s previous employer and his national insurance number, he panics.

Norris shows Ken, Rita and Emily his new satellite map on his tablet and when they notice a white apparition outside No.1, Norris wonders if it’s Blanche’s ghost; Nick treats Erica to a Spanish siesta in his flat.