Gary gets down on one knee and proposes to Alya again but they’re shocked to realise Sharif’s witnessed the scene. Awash with guilt, Alya still can’t bring herself to tell Gary about her one night stand with Jason.

Tracy makes breakfast for Ken and Peter and then tries to build bridges with Carla, explaining how Deirdre’s death has made her think. However, she’s shocked when Tony’s henchmen barge into Barlow’s Buys and demand money. As they turn menacing, Tracy’s relieved when Robert comes to her rescue, sending them packing. As Tracy thanks him, Robert’s mobile rings but he masks his concern, admitting to Tracy how he’s never stopped loving her.

Sarah watches on unseen as Dan approaches Leanne and, slamming her against her front door, threatens to ruin her life if she breathes a word about his past to Liz.

Later, Peter drops the bombshell on Simon that he’s got a new job with a charter boat company working in the Caribbean. As he heads off to start his new life, Simon takes his anger out on Leanne. Also, Carla suggests another poker night but the lads refuse.