Gary scores Izzy some stronger drugs

Gary reluctantly agrees to score Izzy some more cannabis to help with her pain relief, but warns her to be careful as they’re stronger than usual.

Robert assures Steph and Zeedan that Tracy won’t be bothering them in future and that he and Leanne are now in charge of the Bistro. Meanwhile, Carla and Nick arrive in the Rovers, clearly loved up. Tracy’s furious at their apparent bliss.

When Will arrives for a meeting with Michelle, the attraction between them is evident. And as he regales Michelle with stories of people they were at school with, it’s obvious she enjoys his company. Liz, however, is unimpressed.

Gemma finds Bethany bunking off school and lures her into the kebab shop. She offers Bethany a new phone in return for the lowdown on her new crush Jason.

When Sally accidentally steps on an egg in the garden she turns on Sharif and orders him to mend the hole in the fence.