Phelan lies to the police that he was alone at No.11 when Luke was shot. Back at home, Eileen confesses to a furious Phelan that she searched for a gun and went to see Anna in prison. Having summoned Seb, Gary locks him in Tim’s cab, imploring him to testify at Anna’s hearing and tell the court the truth about Phelan. Will Seb agree?

Eva calls in the pub with the intention of sharing her news with Leanne but Simon’s behaviour proves too much of a distraction.

Sarah confides in Craig that she’s worried about Bethany and while he suppresses the urge to tell her the truth, he assures her he’ll look after Bethany.

When Tyrone finds out about Sean’s ruined samples, he demands to know what’s going on. Tyrone confides in Sean that this is just the latest incident involving Ruby and he’s at his wit’s end. Smarting over Eileen’s lack of trust, Phelan suggests he’ll move into Billy’s flat so Bill, who’s in a wheelchair, can stay with Eileen, who asks Adam and Eva to help with Billy’s care till he’s mobile.

Second episode of the evening.