Overcome with anger, Gary eyeballs Phelan with pure hatred, but Owen points out if he loses his temper he’ll be looking at prison. They feel a small sense of achievement when Owen tells Gary the bill he gave Phelan was a fake and the pints they’re drinking are with Phelan’s money. But that small bit of joy is ruined when Phelan arrives telling them he’s bringing the deadline forward.

A worried Peter watches Tina and Steph across the bar as Steph talks to Tina about her affair. Later, Peter corners Tina and demands to know what she’s told Steph. Tina lies that she hasn’t told Steph anything. Peter’s relieved and tells Tina he loves her too. Tina’s over the moon, but it’s clear Peter has only told her this to keep her on side.

No 4 welcomes a feisty newcomer as Maddie attempts to settle in. But Sally remains mistrustful of Sophie’s friend and takes her handbag upstairs with her. When Maddie tries to kiss Sophie, she pulls away.

Also, Eva pressures Jason into thanking Tony for his help on the gym conversion; and Roy arrives home with a large parcel, but when Fiz enquires what it is, he ignores her and heads up to the flat.