Gary tells Faye the truth about Phelan… but will she listen?

Gary reaches the end of his tether and tells Faye what Phelan did to her mother

When Faye refuses to listen to Gary’s accusations against Phelan, he drops the bombshell that Phelan raped Anna. When Faye discovers how Anna slept with Phelan as a trade-off to protect her family, she’s horrified. Will she change her mind about Phelan?

Having tracked Nicola down using a private investigator, Phelan watches as she lets herself into her house. What’s he up to?

As Jude and Angie row about Mary, they’re interrupted by the sound of the alarm in the baby room. Mary is ushered out whilst the doctors tend to George. Angie and Jude turn on Mary, demanding to know what she’s done to their son. Deeply upset, Mary assures them she would never harm him but Angie’s disbelieving. Is there more to this than meets the eye?

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