Terese runs after Gary to apologise for not taking enough interest in his mother’s problems. Gary tells Terese he is scared senseless about Sheila’s medical problems. Terese has a heart to heart with Sheila and convinces her to be honest with everyone. Sheila calls a family meeting and tells Xanthe about her health concerns. As a family, they go with Sheila to visit Clive to get the results of her tests. Does Sheila have Alzheimer’s? And what will Gary say when Terese asks him to move in with her?

Meanwhile, Chloe Brennan has made an enemy out of Elly after pulling out her hair, so Elly warns Leo to think twice before employing her. Leo is rattled by Elly’s advice and decides to look through Chloe’s CV and ring her referees. What will Leo find?

Also, Elly gives Piper some of Ben’s old books. Piper decides to take the ones she doesn’t want to the book exchange, where she meets a mysterious stranger…