Gary increases his control of Izzy as he Gary collects her wheelchair from the repair shop, but keeps it locked inside his van. Already on edge he’s thrown to find Anna at the flat and when he realises she’s told Izzy about his attack on Sean he throws her out, his anger boiling over. Unnerved by his behaviour and with no news of her wheelchair Izzy calls the shop. But when she hears it was collected earlier she confronts him. Losing his grip on reality Gary turns nasty.

When Tracy overhears the Croppers discussing a postcard from Becky she pumps Sylvia for more details. In the pub Tracy wastes no time in filling Steve in on what she’s learned about Becky’s new man, and informing him she has moved on. Crushed, Steve still doesn’t feel ready to move on himself.

Old friends rally round a demoralised Ken and with Deirdre failing to get through to him, Dennis resolves to shake him out of his torpor.

Also, Julie offers to help Sean out by taking Dylan to a pre-school reading group.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Gary refuses to let Izzy leave the flat, holding her prisoner in her own home, he puts a positive spin on them spending time together, but this only disturbs Izzy more. She tries to reason with him, but Gary’s firm as he insists he can only protect her if he knows where she is – he won’t let her down like Quinny. Izzy’s scared now and when Owen comes to the door she cries for help. Owen realises what’s happening and gets to Izzy as Gary breaks down.

When Julie arrives at the reading group and is mistaken for Dylan’s mum she fails to correct people and starts spinning a web of lies. However, when the person taking the class arrives – Brian – Julie’s desperate to disentangle herself. But she doesn’t get the chance to explain and worries that once again she ruined her chances with Brian.

Steve‘s heart aches as he thinks of Becky with another man, but Tracy makes sure she’s there to pick up the pieces. Refusing to let him wallow she invites him round for tea, telling Deirdre she’s going to get her man.

Also, Dennis and Rita attempt to jolt Ken from his torpor.

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