Abandoning her hen party, Terese is forced to explain to Gary that Susan has decided to pull out of officiating the wedding. Gary wants to know why, so Terese tells him it’s because she was reluctant to do the wedding preparation course. However, Gary isn’t buying it and wants more details. Will he finally find out the truth? Also, Terese starts to have cold feet about their upcoming nuptials. Will she call off the wedding as her guilt starts to become unbearable?

Meanwhile, Tyler tells Hamish that the reason he moved to Erinsborough was to be close to Mark. Realising that the bond between Mark and Tyler will need to be broken in order for Tyler to leave his life behind, Hamish goes to shocking lengths to tear the brothers apart.

Also, Dipi tells Sheila she has just seen Elly kiss Leo, and she’s torn as he and Mishti have just started dating. Sheila tells Mishti not to say a peep to anyone before asking Leo for the truth. Will she follow Sheila’s advice?