Gary’s friends fear for his state of mind

Gary’s friends are worried about his attitude, fearing that he is bottling up his troubles and refusing to open up to anyone. He has even started scaring his friends away.

One family reaches the point of no return. They reel from the emotional bombshell exploded on the night of the tram crash and realise their situation can’t be salvaged. Later, another shocking twist leads them to again question their future together.

Steve can’t forgive Becky for putting their future at risk and tells her he wants her out of his life. A gutted Becky begs Steve to see she was desperate to save Max from a terrible life with Kylie and she never meant to hurt him. She points out that he’d have done the same for Amy, and hopes he will see things from her point of view.

Also, another resident contemplates leaving Weatherfield behind in the wake of the tram crash.

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