Is Gary’s job on the line?

And, if so, is it all Piper's fault?

After threatening Tim Collins, Gary starts to fear the consequences of his actions. However, when the newspaper hasn’t written anything about Piper or Terese or Gary, he believes his threats haven’t caused too much harm. Then, Gary gets to work and finds out the council have shut down his kitchen due to an anonymous tip-off that the kitchen has rat droppings. Will Tim’s revenge ruin Gary’s career as a chef?

Meanwhile, Terese is devastated to hear that Piper tried to humiliate her during her interview with Tim Collins. Terese feels even worse when she realises that Gary’s attempt to help could have backfired dramatically. With so much pain and tension between Terese and Piper, Aaron decides to step in and try to reunite the pair. Will he be successful?

Also, Yashvi has decided that she may want a career in the Australian Women’s Football League. She calls on Mark, Toadie and Jack for some help, but the tension between Mark and Jack is unbearable and Mark’s frustration gets the better of him…