Are Gary Windass’s lies unravelling in Coronation Street?

Gary tries to convince Sarah, Izzy and Anna that his job isn’t dangerous.

Reminding Sarah he’s due back in the Ukraine tomorrow, Gary and Sarah head into town and pore over property details. Are they back on track? Gary assures Izzy and Anna that his job isn’t dangerous, but do they believe him?

Jenny and her bridesmaids meet with the dressmaker. But when Rita spills coffee down Gemma’s dress, it all ends in tears. Later, Rita sets an extra place for Len at the dinner table and Gemma tells Rosie she thinks Rita may have dementia.

When Nicola confronts Phelan about the Calcutta Street flats project, will he be able to convince her that he was a victim too? The infected wound on Andy’s arm is causing him serious pain and he’s pathetically grateful to see Phelan – who promises he’ll be back with medication. But in the garden Phelan starts digging a hole!

Sally vows to run for Mayor and tells Gina she can help with her campaigning.