Gary’s violent behaviour escalates

Gary is still acting strangely and it’s clear for all to see. But his violent behaviour escalates when Eddie tries to talk sense into him.

When Tracy overhears that there’s a job going at the factory, she jumps on it before the intended recipient gets the chance. As it becomes apparent what Tracy has done, tempers fray and revenge is promise. A confident Tracy is totally unmoved by their words, until one male resident calls No 1 making sinister threats. But Tracy takes the upper hand and starts flirting with him, telling him that she fancies him; it seems he’ll be wrong footed by her charms.

Tracy is determined to find a man as well as a full-time job. Combining the two is her best bet and so she decides who she wants to work with and makes it clear she’s interested.

Also, life gets even harder for one resident as their marriage breaks down.

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