Holby City spoilers: Professor John Gaskell plans radical brain op!

The Professor needs Roxanna’s help on a pioneering op…

Following the death of his stem cell trial patient, Fiona, Professor John Gaskell is hoping to make waves with a radical brain op to cure a man of his drug addiction.

Neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan suspects John Gaskell (Paul McGann) has taken on Will Harrington’s case to draw attention away from his stem cell research project. So she’s surprised when Gaskell asks her to join his research team.

When Will has doubts about having the op, Gaskell orders Roxanna to keep him onside, fearing what the press will say. So when Will develops a bleed and Gaskell’s forced to abort the surgery, he’s unimpressed. Does Gaskell want Roxanna on board to help safeguard his reputation?