Trish follows Jimmy to the bluffs, in the belief he saw a freighter in the distance, where she steps dangerously close to the edge.

In the woods, Danny, Sully, Abby and Henry trap Wakefield and lock him up in jail. Wakefield then tells Abby her that he loved her mother, but she gave away his child and so paid with her life.

At the bluffs, Trish turns up safe and unharmed, and takes the group to a boat house which has a working radio. The group then contact the coastguard, who inform them they will arrive in four hours.
Back in the station, Wakefield escapes and kills Danny, but Shea and Madison manage to escape.

Returning to the Candlewick, Henry and Trish’s quiet moment together is interrupted when Henry goes to investigate a knock on the door and disappears. Wakefield then breaks into the room, but Trish escapes through a window. In the woods, she find Henry, who confesses to being Wakefield’s accomplice, and then kills her with a knife. Gasp!

*Final episode*

The final episode begins with a flashback as childhood friends Henry and Abby bid goodbye to each other after yet another long summer. Abby then whispers something into Henry’s ear, he agrees, and says goodbye.

In the present day, Henry tells Wakefield they only have a couple hours to finish what they set out to do.

At the boathouse, Sully takes a boat from the rafters and makes Shea and Madison leave the island. Henry arrives, confesses to all the murders, then kills Sully by stabbing him in the back.

Next, Henry lures Abby and Jimmy to the church, where Wakefield attacks Jimmy who uses a flare to defend himself before being shot by Henry. Outside the church, Henry tells Abby that Jimmy is dead, but she’s suspicious. Henry then pulls out a switchblade, but instead of killing Abby, he kills Wakefield.

On the mainland, Shea learns from the FBI that, aside from a few locals, she and Madison are the only survivors of Wakefield’s murder spree.

Abby wakes on the island in a deserted house, where she finds herself trapped by the insane Henry. Seems he took it a little too seriously her wish that the two of them could live on the island – forever. Breaking free, she finds Jimmy alive and bound. A fight breaks out, then Abby escapes to a cliff-top where she tries to reason with the lovelorn Henry. Jimmy runs up behind him, and they both fall off the edge.

Abby runs down to the beach, where Jimmy is found alive. She then grabs the boarding knife and stabs the approaching Henry with it. With his last sigh, he tells her he loves her, and dies.

Abby and Jimmy then sail off into the sunset.