A gobsmacked Steph stammers that she’s Andy’s girlfriend and when she spots some of Andy’s Bistro payslips bearing Gavin’s name she stashes them in her pocket. Gavin explains how he lost his phone abroad so hasn’t had any messages and she makes her excuses and flees. Andy’s stunned when Steph informs him that Gavin has returned and he promises to tell Michael the truth, but Steph tells him to face Gavin first.

On hearing that Katy’s meeting Linda in the pub, Owen decides to go along. Katy’s annoyed when Anna and Owen turn up in the pub, and decides to meet Linda somewhere else leaving Owen disappointed.

Sophie finds a tearful Rita in The Kabin, regretting her confrontation with Jenny after she rejected her cash offer, so Sophie takes her for a drink to cheer her up.

Gail tries to explain to Max how David is a proper father to him, but Max insists David is horrible. When Michael suggests it might be worth letting him see Callum, David goes berserk, but later admits he can’t find any other solution. When Tim jokingly refers to Craig as her boyfriend, Faye goes mad.