Steph and Andy panic when Gavin produces a Bistro payslip plus the letter Michael wrote him. Gavin’s incredulous that Andy’s used his name to get a job and ingratiate himself with Michael. Andy splutters that Michael’s a decent man, but Gavin has no kind words for the father who abandoned him. Later, Steph and Andy find Gail and Michael in the Rovers but before they can say anything, Gavin walks in and demands money to keep quiet.

Faye dreads a parents’ meeting  and when Anna and Owen arrive they sit with a couple and their son, Jackson. Faye’s alarmed to see him, makes an excuse and leaves. Meanwhile, Anna’s unimpressed when Owen invites Linda and Katy up to the flat to look at old photos.

Michelle and Liz agree that Eileen is ill suited to bar work, but when Michelle steels herself to sack she loses her nerve.

Roy and Sharif compete for an allotment plot. Callum’s surprised when David arranges for him to see Max, but when Callum arrives David reveals that Max is out.