Noah confronts Doug about the pills when he finds them in his coat pocket. He warns him to get rid, and infront of Rae Noah tells him that he wants him gone by the end of the week. Gaz overhears Doug blaming Brendan and decides to get rid of the drugs himself. Brendan is impressed when he sees Gaz dealing in the club, and makes him his new footsoldier, while fuming at Doug who owes him five hundred pounds for losing the drugs.

Mercedes is worried when Riley seems to be going off her, but he explains that he’s worried about Ethan’s relationship with Theresa. But The McQueen’s go into overdrive when Riley starts asking questions about Theresa. He turns up at the hospital and asks Theresa and Warren why Kyle came after her. However, with the fear of Warren deeply instilled, Ethan lies for Theresa to get Riley off her back.

Mercedes feels bad when Cheryl tells her that she is going to visit Malachy’s grave. And when Cheryl comments about her marrying Riley so quickly the pair arrange an impromptu trip to Belfast.

Also, Police officers arrive to arrest Gilly; Rae moves back in with Ste.

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