Gaz and Lauren decide to make a break for freedom, but they quickly hit their first problem – money. Lauren soon masterminds a devious plan to rob The Loft, managing to fool Mercedes and escape with a few hundred quid.

Calvin and Theresa wake up together after their night of passion, and the reality of what they’ve done hits home. With hopes of her and Calvin getting together, Theresa believes confessing to Carmel is the right thing to do and heads home before Calvin can stop her. Desperate not to lose Carmel again, Calvin arrives at the McQueens’ to win her back, but is shocked to find her distraught in the arms of Theresa.

Carmel’s still an emotional wreck after splitting with Calvin. The family are all rallying round to cheer her up, all except Mercedes, who happily admits she thinks it’s all for the best. Carmel is now more convinced than ever that her relationship was a sham based on lies.

Also; Jake’s going all out to win back Loretta, but his plans are soon scuppered when he’s taken in by the police. Watching on, Spencer is clearly troubled by what he’s seen and is behaving out of sorts. Calvin persuades him to open up, but he’s unprepared for Spencer’s shocking revelation.

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