Gaz confronts Newt

Newt now knows that the Rae at school isn’t the Rae he knew from the warehouse. Gaz is annoyed when Rae tells him Newt is badmouthing him and slams him up against the wall but Des soon puts a stop to their fight, telling Rae and Newt to see him after school.

Rae feels uncomfortable having to wait with Newt outside Des’ office and gets annoyed with him for staring at her. Newt questions why she’s so afraid of him. He’s hopeful that he’s struck some kind of friendship with Rae but she tells him to leave her alone.

Hannah’s worried Darren’s having a relapse into his gambling addiction and confiscates his laptop. Meanwhile, Cindy’s bored and texts Darren wanting to put their plan back into action, but gets a sharp reply. Back at the flat, Darren thanks Hannah for putting a stop to his gambling and realises he’s not totally alone.

Also; Lydia spots an opportunity to get Charlotte back and tells her Archie’s had a massive go at her and insists she needs her. But Archie strikes a chord with Charlotte when he talks about people turning their back on Zoe. Charlotte feels guilty and falls right into Lydia’s trap.

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