Newt, Lauren and Anita arrive at the cottage and the sexual tension between Newt and Anita is unbearable, as Ricky shows up at the door. During a walk through the woods, Anita falls behind and is accosted by Gaz. He offers her a deal – if she sleeps with him he won’t tell Teresa about her and Newt. Luckily the others return. Newt’s angry, but Gaz tells them Lauren invited him.

Back at the cottage, Gaz suggests they play truth or dare – forcing Newt and Anita to kiss. Newt and Ricky have had enough, as they flee into the forest, events take a turn for the worse and Newt is left with blood on his hands…

Mercedes discovers that Malachy’s been offered a job – in Canada. She thinks everything’s moving too fast and Myra urges her to speak to him. A little worse for wear, Malachy returns home to find Mercedes has made a decision and it’s a yes to Canada, and full steam ahead to starting a family…

Also; Elliot is horrified by Archie’s suggestion that Leila will have a one night stand to get him out of her system. But when he offers to spend some time with her, she declines.

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