Newt is taken to hospital to be assessed by a psychologist, who informs him he’ll be allowed to go home tomorrow. But he’s still a suspect for the attack on Gaz. Things take a turn for the worse later though when Gaz flatlines…

Newt has a flashback to one week ago while at the clinic…He tells Anita he’s coming off his medication to try some herbal remedies. Later he sees Gaz taking money out of Mercedes’ purse and throwing it away. Newt, Lauren and Ste decide that Gaz needs teaching a lesson.

Ste slams Gaz up against the wall but Gaz is quick to point out that if he lays one finger on him he’ll lose Lucas. He decides to get back at Gaz by breaking in to the McQueens, taking some jewellery, and planting the stolen goods on him at the hospital.

Also, Malachy and Mercedes go to the fertility clinic. During their discussion, we flashback to a week ago… Mike asks Myra to look after Lucas for a few days. Mercedes struggles to cope alone, as she hasn’t got a clue what to do with a baby, her day gets even worse when she’s later mugged in the village.

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