Gaz attacks Calvin and finds himself under arrest. Sasha and Lauren witness the whole thing and, sick of Calvin, they refuse to attend the wedding. Mercedes doesn’t know if Calvin’s ended his relationship, but finds him sat drinking in The Loft with Carmel and Malachy. She makes him sweat as she tells Carmel she can’t marry him, before leaving Calvin to explain. Later, Calvin discovers the gun has gone from the safe.

Gilly goes to confront Steph. She insists he’ll never understand but Gilly knows exactly how she feels and marches her round to Drive ‘n’ Buy to prove it. Steph’s overwhelmed when she realises Gilly once felt the same, but he doesn’t believe that she really loves him and isn’t prepared to jeopardise what he’s got with Jem because of her.

Josh is crushed when Calvin catches him helping himself to the optics and sacks him on the spot. Feeling responsible for his part in Josh’s downfall, Rhys confesses he spiked Josh’s drink on the night of the car crash.

Also; Theresa and Michaela try on Carmel’s wedding dress, but they’re horrified when they spill red wine all over it. They girls resort to desperate measures to get the stain out.

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