Gaz is charged with Calvin’s murder!

Gaz is furious – he’s been set up! He tells Lauren he’s in trouble, but when Lauren finds out Gaz might have threatened Anita with the gun, she accuses her friend of lying. DI Andrews thinks there could be a link between Gaz and Calvin’s murder and the ballistics report on the weapon confirms it. DI Andrews charges him with Calvin’s murder.

Jacqui’s disgusted by the attack on Relish. She thinks Anita must be terrified and drags Des over to be the counselling school teacher. Mercedes starts to doubt their plan to clear Theresa’s name will work, when DI Andrews calls round. He tells them Gaz has been charged. Then Theresa makes an unexpected outburst: Gaz didn’t do it…

Ravi’s determined not to give in to his enemies, whoever attacked Relish isn’t going to intimidate him. Later, Anita gets to talk to Lauren, she starts to win her round to the idea Gaz meant to hurt her. Anita thinks it was payback for the time she left him for dead. Afraid the police could still come after her, Anita confesses all to Ravi.

Also; Steph wants to become a reality TV star. She thinks a sob-story about her illness will take her to the top.

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