Newt questions Rae about her fears of dying before her eighteenth birthday and is touched when she helps him prepare for the race. Lauren’s enjoying hanging out with Gaz but stays cool in front of him, and quickly covers when Theresa arrives.

Gaz is annoyed that Lauren ignores him as soon as her friend comes along. While, Lauren, knowing he’s right, takes her frustration out by entering the race in Newt’s place against Gaz. He decides to put his reputation on the line in front of his mates to let Lauren win and the unlikely pair share a kiss.

Cindy decides to take over Tan & Tumble and sets up her own vintage clothes shop. But she’s annoyed when she lets herself be stitched up by Kathleen. India offers to help as she knows a bit about getting good deals on clothes at house clearances. Cindy’s reluctant at first but desperate to prove to Tony that she can make a business work without his help, she takes her up on her offer.

Also; India proves invaluable and is delighted when Cindy employs her as her assistant, as the girls put Tony in his place.

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