Gaz kidnaps Anita!

Gaz pretends to be Theresa when he texts Anita from Theresa’s stolen phone – ‘Theresa’ wants to make up with her friend. An oblivious Anita is lured to the woods, but as he planned, it’s Gaz who turns up. He threatens a terrified Anita – this is payback for the time she hit him and left him for dead. Trapped and scared, Anita suddenly realises that Gaz has a gun.

Zak tries to warn Anita that she may be in danger. But a furious Michaela misreads his interest in her, accusing him of fancying her. Lauren struggles to conceal her upset about her split with Gaz – she’s convinced he’s not all bad. But as a vengeful Gaz holds Anita hostage, it might be that Lauren has had a lucky escape.

Rose mocks Des’s pathetic plans to attack Ravi and warns him that he’ll need to up his game if he wants to have any impact. Later, a masked assailant attacks Ravi in Relish, armed with a can of tear gas.

Also; Jack urges Steph to talk to Tom about her cancer and what it means for their small family. Steph steels herself and sits him down for a chat.

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