Gaz stitches up Ash and Zak

It’s New Year’s Eve in Hollyoaks and Zak and Ash are furious about Gaz’s vandalism of Relish. As they are closing up, Gaz reappears and punches himself in the face. Over at the New Year’s party, Zak gets together with Michaela. However, their moment is interrupted when Calvin bursts in and arrests a horrified Zak and Ash for assaulting Gaz.

It’s also Lauren’s 16th birthday, but while she’s in no mood to celebrate, Anita pinches Bel’s keys to Evissa and invites Newt for an evening alone in the salon, determined to snare her man. But, wise to what’s going on, Newt invites Lauren as well. They end up ditching Anita and use the special evening to both lose their virginity.

Hannah is annoyed that Rhys is crawling up to Matt in a bid to get more contacts in the music industry. Add to that, Archie’s party in halls ends up being a drunken shambles. Rhys feels humiliated when Matt misinterprets his friendliness as a crush and, Matt and Hannah are finally left alone to enjoy a perfect New Year’s kiss.

Also, Sasha is stunned to hear that Calvin killed Nige, while he is petrified that she will let it slip to someone.

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