Gaz threatens Anita!

Anita spots a hooded figure around the school. Chasing after him she is cornered in one of the classrooms, the hooded figure is Gaz. He tells her that he didn’t know that the Gun was in his bag when he tricked her into going into the woods. Anita tells him she may have seen the gun before but she still wants rid of him, he’s shocked and vows that she hasn’t seen the last of him. Later, she corners Theresa telling her she saw the gun at the salon. She suspects Jacqui but then Theresa makes her believe that Jacqui was simply hiding the gun for Gaz

Cheryl and Ste are gobsmacked by Brendan’s new ‘girlfriend’, Mitzeee. Later, Brendan tells Ste that Mitzeee saw them together and this is the best cover for his secret. Meanwhile, Warren has other ideas and makes a play for Mitzeee, but when Cheryl walks over Mitzeee insists he is the perfect gentleman.

Eva is looking for a new job and is worried about Gaz’s return. She suggests that she and Anita get away from everything.

Also; Lee asks Brendan if he can help with Guy Candy.

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