Elliot and Zack are frantic when Elliot receives a letter from his solicitor and Detective Ged Paxton turns up. Just as Ged is about to search the flat, Calvin arrives. Ged makes his excuses and leaves, which leaves Elliot’s suspicious about his authenticity.

Later, in the SU Bar Elliot spots Ged and tries to explain their situation and Ged admits he knows Warren. He tells Elliot they’ve got 24 hours to get his money back.

Hayley is annoyed when Josh nominates her to show India around the village, while Dave proudly shows off the scooter they robbed from MOBs. At the SU Bar, Hayley shouts at Archie and warns the girls he’s chatting up about how he treated India. India is mortified and flees the bar just as Josh and Dave arrive. Later, back at Halls a jealous Hayley misconstrues an innocent hug between Josh and India.

Also; Gilly lets slip to Steph that it was Fernando’s birthday yesterday. She’s mortified that she forgot and snaps at Gilly for not telling her. Later, Gilly hands them his adventure week tickets, telling Fernando that Steph had ordered them. Fernando is made up with his present and Gilly can only watch on as they kiss.