Gem lures Bailey into danger

Bailey convinces Callum to help him search Gem’s room and, against Callum’s advice, Bailey reads her diary. Bailey texts Gem and she responds, telling him she wants to meet so he sneaks off to find her. Lauren and Matt blow his alibi, however, when they run into Callum and Toadie at Charlie’s and learn he’s not with them. Callum reveals Bailey’s plan, and an urgent Matt and Lauren race for the nursery. But Bailey’s already there, talking to Gem. And things soon deteriorate as Gem’s volatility comes to the fore.

Toadie and Sonya take Elliot to the hospital and Toadie confesses that he called Jacob’s in-laws last night. Sonya quickly calls them back, to claim it was all a misunderstanding.

Jacob finally turns up but Sonya refuses to abandon Jacob. Disgruntled, Toadie goes home, only for Callum to rail at him after being forgotten at the airport. Sonya’s pleased to hear Jacob is determined to do better. But when she reveals Toadie has contacted his in-laws, Jacob’s worried.

Georgia’s determined to put what happened with Gem out of her mind. However, that’s easier said than done when her car – which Gem stole – suddenly turns up in the hospital parking lot.