Gem realises she need to fight back against Kate

Gem is incensed when Georgia suggests the tension between her and Kate is the reason Kate isn’t getting involved in Georgia’s wedding plans. Gem confronts Kate and Kate accuses her of being jealous of her friendship with Georgia. It’s only a matter of time before Georgia realises exactly what sort of person her cousin is, and sends her packing, prompting Gem to realise she needs to fight back. She convinces Bailey to hack into Kate’s emails and finds an unsent email from Kate to Kyle, and thus learns of the secret night they spent together.

Rhiannon accepts a job as a receptionist at Lassiters Darwin and breaks the news to Jackson that Mason will not be joining them.

Mason is well aware of his own role in building up Jackson’s hopes, before dashing them. He’s determined to prove to Jackson that he still wants to be in his life so buys him an iPad so that they can always talk. The pair part on good terms.

Chris knows the real reason Kate has moved out of the share house is because of her feelings for Kyle. Elsewhere, Kate learns of Kyle’s extravagant plans to give Georgia an expensive dream honeymoon. It’s all the proof she needs of how much Kyle really does love Georgia; she decides to keep her secret.