Gem threatens Imogen

Imogen goes to Susan and reveals what she saw at the lake, but both Gem and Bailey deny her story. Imogen’s upset, then shocked when an angry Gem confronts her and reveals that she knows about her eating disorder – and she’s prepared to tell the entire school. Imogen breaks down in front of Sonya and reveals all, so Sonya encourages her to take her power back – and reveal her secret herself.

Callum’s miserable when Josie won’t get in contact, so he uses a virtual sword from Dragon Prophecies as an excuse to try to get in touch. When this fails, Toadie encourages Callum to admit how he feels about Josie – but Callum believes it’s too late to win her back.

Amber’s still annoyed after her meter maid fight with Josh, and labels him self-obsessed. Brad helps Josh realise that maybe she does have a point, and when Josh makes a grand gesture to convince Amber that she’s important to him, Amber can’t resist. It seems this couple are back on track.