Gemma brands Jason a killer

In the pub, Gemma accuses Jason of murder and throws her drink over him. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Todd that she’s to blame for Callum’s death and is oblivious that he now think she’s confessed to murder. David’s alarmed to spot them talking and whisks Sarah away. Todd refuses to let Sarah be punished, but can’t let Jason take the rap either… so he come sup with a plan.

Sinead tells Chesney he should kiss someone to even the score – but he storms out. Gemma urges Chesney to fight for Sinead if he loves her. Phelan basks in Norris’s gratitude for saving his roof, before meeting up with Alastair!

Michelle’s shocked when Amy grills Will about how they know each other and assures Amy that she loves Steve. But when Michelle suggests she should go back to Tracy, Amy insists that if she can’t stay at the Rovers, she’ll tell Steve about Will.

Rana leads Zeedan towards the stairs, but he points out that she knows he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Frustrated, Rana decides that by putting his beliefs above her feelings, he’s ending their relationship.