Gemma is head over heels for Henry when he finds her in the Rovers

Gemma is thrilled when Henry tracks her down and Liz tells her who he really is…

Henry calls in the Kabin in the hope of tracking down Jemima. With Norris’ help, Henry finds her in the Rovers and Gemma’s thrilled as he promises he’ll be in touch. Liz tells Gemma she’s certainly landed on her feet as he’s Henry Newton of Newton & Ridley fame. Gemma’s stunned.

The doctor questions Angie and Jude about George’s condition, noting he suffers a flare up whenever he spends time with Mary.

Seb announces he’s moving into No.11 with Phelan. When Faye declares she’s going with him, Gary’s furious and begs Faye to see Phelan for what he is…

Todd fails to hide the truth from Billy.

[Second episode of evening]