Dom gets a horrible shock when Gemma’s school calls wanting to know why Gemma is not in class. Dom thought Gemma had slept over at Belle’s house and gone to school with her. So where is she? The best person to ask is Belle… and Dom gets really worried when she doesn’t know. Belle tells Dom she and Gemma had a row and Gemma stormed off. Belle thought Gemma went home – so now she’s worried, too.

The villagers launch a search for Gemma – and find her. She’s freezing cold and unconscious – but she’s alive.

Chas is given the cold shoulder when she starts asking questions about James’s ex-wife. But the more his family stays silent, the more curious Chas becomes… and the more uncomfortable Moira feels. She has a part in James’s murky past and she doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

Jai wants to know where Archie is, but promises his father that he won’t risk the business to find his son. He will risk Declan’s wrath, though, as he gets closer to Megan…