Gemma wants justice for Chesney

After some encouragement from Gemma, Chesney decides to sue the Bistro owners.

Adam reveals to Robert how Michelle gave Chesney £200 and he’s now looking for a substantial out of court settlement. Cindy tells Daniel how much she liked his article about Chesney’s stabbing, but he forbids her from publishing it.

Todd admits to Summer that she doesn’t have a case. When Billy suggests he’ll call her grandparents, Summer begs him not to. Billy and Todd take Summer back to their new flat where she tells them how strict her grandparents are.

Toyah’s taken aback when Peter reveals he’s offered Leanne, Simon and Oliver a roof over their heads. Peter’s on a high after such a successful opening party at the Rovers, but will Toyah burst his bubble?

While Craig takes husband and wife photos of Norris and Mary, Bethany gets a call from the police, confirming that Nathan and Neil’s trial will go ahead. Gina flogs Fiz a China figurine for £40, making out it’s a valuable antique.