Gemma’s back on the Street!

When Kylie arrives at client Sadie’s house for a nail appointment, she’s shown in by husband Freddy, who explains that Sadie’s died and he’d like her to do Sadie’s nails for her funeral. Meanwhile Audrey and David are stunned when the new work experience girl arrives at the salon and it’s none other than Gemma!

As Phelan offers to take Eileen to the bank, she’s incensed to discover Michael hiding in the back of the van intent on spying on them. Finding Michael’s wallet in the van, Phelan calls at No.11, where Eileen’s clearly upset. Phelan puts a comforting arm around her, just as Michael lets himself in.

When Zeedan clocks Jason chatting up Rana in the bistro, he sees red and Rana enjoys their obvious rivalry.

Eva and Billy approach the O’Driscolls’ house to check on Marta but when Richie approaches the car, they duck out of sight.