Wow! That doesn’t look like a kiss goodbye that Gennie’s giving Nikhil! She’s supposed to be leaving the toffee factory and moving on to bigger and better things – including Nicky, the vet with va-va-voom. But it looks like she’s stuck on Nikhil. How did that happen?? Well, Nikhil’s finally apologised – properly – to Gennie for the way he has treated her and even given her the afternoon off. Then he calls her back to work – where he’s waiting with a bottle of wine and a fumbled, mumbled declaration of his love. Of course, Nicky has told Gennie he loves her, too, but it sounds better coming from Nikhil and Gennie gives him a big kiss. Nikhil’s so happy his heart nearly bursts out of his tight-fitting shirt!

Ashley’s so miserable he wants to lash out at someone. But Laurel doesn’t know he knows she’s been deceiving him so he can’t say anything to her. Marlon, on the other hand… Well, his friends are talking about his mystery married woman and Ashley knows that – and he lets Marlon know that he knows that. Awkward!

Things are awkward for Andy and Debbie, too, when they tell Alicia and Cameron that they’re still going to have a baby. Alicia’s not happy at all and lets Debbie feel the full force of her temper.