Gennie catches Chas and Cameron! (VIDEO)

*This double bill may change to a single episode if Euro 2012 football is on ITV1*

Chas thinks no one will be home at Connelton View, Gennie’s house, and she plans to enjoy some afternoon delight with Cameron. So there they are, rolling about on the sofa, when Gennie walks in. No! Yes! And they can’t pretend they were just looking for loose change behind the cushions. Gennie knows that what she sees is exactly what it looks like – and she tells them Debbie is right behind her! Aaaaaargh! In walks Debbie and Chas and Cameron bluff their way out of the house, leaving Gennie with a big decision: does she tell Debbie or keep quiet?

Alicia can’t keep quiet after David puts a diamond ring on her finger. Yippee! But her bubble is burst when she realises the ring was once Leyla’s. She doesn’t like the idea of being sloppy seconds, but she does like the idea of marrying David. Pollard still doesn’t, though, and tells Justin about David and Alicia’s plans for a fake marriage. That lights the blue touch paper and Justin explodes, promising Alicia all sorts of trouble if she goes ahead with it.

Chas is already in trouble with Gennie because of Cameron, but she goes ahead and blabs to Charity about Gennie being pregnant.