Gennie files Nikhil under ‘finished business’

So, there’s Gennie sitting in the office, sharpening her pencils, ready for work. And there’s Nikhil, sulking because his shirt had creases in it (seriously!) and looking for someone to punish. It has to be Gennie; she’s a sitting target. He demands a coffee and Gennie demands an end to whatever kind of friendship they had. From now on she just works for him, she says. Then she heads off to the pub and tells dishy Nicky she’ll go on a date with him. Meanwhile, Nikhil’s at home, licking his wounded pride and finally admitting to Charity (of all people!) that he does have feelings for Gennie.

Also in the pub, Nicola and Jimmy tell everyone they’re back together. Yay! A happy ending! Of course, for Carl it means that Nicola will be living under the same roof as him again (his roof) – and we all know how that didn’t work out last time. Let’s hope Nico and Jimmy at least enjoy a honeymoon period before the bickering starts again…

Amy’s drinking, too, but not in the pub and not to celebrate. She’s still trying to drink away the baby no one knows she’s carrying.