Gennie gives Brenda the kindest cut… (VIDEO)

*Episode two*

Brenda decides she’s not going wait for all of her hair to fall out because of the chemotherapy… and asks Gennie to shave her head (for real!) Now she can concentrate on getting hitched to Bob – in a week! She can’t make it a legal wedding because it’s a surprise for Bob (a nice one, hopefully… he has had a few wives already), but Gennie’s found a handfasting ceremony they can have that will bind them as a couple. Not literally. They’re not going to be tied together forever. Imagine working in the cafe like that!

Vanessa works out that there was no burglary – it was Rhona whodunit. But Rhona’s letting Pearl think it was all her fault. Oh, Rhona! How did you go from having a bad back to this?! Liar, cheat, thief… But Vanessa still cares about her… more than Rhona – or Paddy – realises. Moira knows, sort of… Vanessa told her she has feelings for an ‘addicted man’. It can only be a matter of time before the truth is revealed…

It was always going to be only a matter of time before Priya had another go at Rachel. This time she flirts with Sam (poor fella) while Rachel and David are playing in a village footie game… and Rachel kicks David instead of the ball.