Gennie hands in her notice!

Every time Nikhil opens his mouth around Gennie he puts his foot in it. You’d think that by now he’d have learned to keep his mouth shut! It’s like an obsessive-compulsive disorder with him: he sees Gennie and he can’t help but insult her – even when he’s trying to charm her. This time, as he desperately tries to untangle his tongue and tell her how he really feels about her, he ends up insulting her by saying she’s not his usual type. Unsurprisingly, Gennie doesn’t swoon and fall at his feet. Instead, she gets to her feet and walks. He’s upset because he’s lost a potential girlfriend (and, let’s be honest, he’s not fighting off the girls) and Jai’s furious because the firm’s lost a good PA (well, Gennie’s fluffy pens are, er, impressive…)

Laurel and Marlon have been a bit tongue-tied around each other, too – and no wonder! But now Laurel tells Marlon what he wants to hear: she loves him. Then she tells him what he doesn’t want to hear: she wishes she didn’t love him!

Katie might wish she hadn’t stuck her oar in the muddy waters of the Declan-Barton family feud after she gives Hannah a job at Home Farm…