Gennie’s all smiles because she thinks her idea of Nikhil moving in with her is brilliant. Well, why wouldn’t he want to? She loves him, he loves her and Jai doesn’t want to live with him any more. But this is Nikhil we’re talking about. He’s as tightly buttoned-up as one of his shirts! Eighteen months ago he was still a virgin! So, not surprisingly, he’s shocked when Gennie suggests they live together. Besides anything else, has she thought about where he’ll keep his shirts with the razor-sharp creases? They need a lot of space so they don’t get crumpled. Poor Gennie’s face crumples, though, when she realises Nikhil doesn’t want what she wants.

It looks like Laurel doesn’t want what Ashley wants. She’s spent the night at Nicola’s, crying on her friend’s shoulder and telling her that her marriage is over. Always one to interfere, Nicola goes to Ashley and tells him that he will lose Laurel if he doesn’t forgive her. You would think that would be easy for a man of God to do, but it isn’t.

Leaving Emmerdale isn’t easy for Hazel, but she’s determined to do it. And when she tells Aaron it seems that he might want to go with her.