Gennie makes a shock announcement

Gennie arrives unexpectedly in the village to see Paddy and he invites her to Eli’s party but she’s disturbed to see Shadrach boozing on the street and comments that he reminds her of a tramp in her home village. At the party, Gennie is stunned when she learns it’s the Dingles’ house and she realises Shadrach is her father. Gennie shouts her news to Paddy to be heard above the music, but when the music cuts out, the whole party hears!

Mel turns up at Laurel’s with Arthur and reminds Laurel that she promised to baby-sit. Laurel is thrown and confesses to Ashley that she can’t face having the baby in the house. Later, Hilary discovers that Mel and Greg plan to move away and she begs them to stay, leaving them feeling confused by her outburst.

Lily opens Pearl’s post to discover she has won a cruise for two people. Lily, Edna and Betty all want to go on the cruise but Pearl tells them they’ll have to be on their best behaviour until she decides which one of her friends to take!

Also, Val makes a customer suggestion box, hoping for ideas for a revamp of The Woolpack that will talk Diane round.