Chas has been all over the place ever since Jackson’s death – including back in Carl’s bed. And Gennie finds out during what’s supposed to be a night of drowning Chas’s sorrows. Chas moans about how she feels Nikhil is smothering her – and how she slept with Carl. Gennie is shocked. Chas has betrayed the man Gennie loves! Furious, she shouts she would never treat Nikhil like that – because she loves him! What?! Chas is speechless as Gennie makes a quick exit.

Unlike Gennie, Aaron won’t reveal his feelings – to Hazel, to Chas, or to anyone else. The truth is, though, that he is devastated about missing Jackson’s funeral. Hazel tries to tell him how sorry she is about how things worked out. But she’s a witness for the prosecution and Aaron points out he can’t talk to her.

Diane can talk, though – and how! When Val and Pollard bring Amy to The Woolpack for her birthday dinner (because Marlon’s cooking is so much better than Pollard’s?), Diane overhears Jai talking about how Pollard has bought the barn conversion. And she can’t wait to reveal to Val that he went all ‘Carpe diem’ like she said she wanted and bought the new property.

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