Gennie says goodbye to Brenda (VIDEO)

*Hour-long episode*

It’s the day of Brenda’s surgery and Gennie holds on to her mother for dear life. Well, Brenda’s life is dear – to Gennie, Bob and all their family and friends. That’s why they have desperately wanted Brenda to have this surgery. They know there’s a chance it could kill her, but it’s the hope that it will cure her that they’re clinging to. Brenda’s wheeled away and Gennie prepares to wait…and wait…and wait. Finally it’s over and the doctor comes to talk to Gennie…

Ali wants to talk to Declan. Megan’s evicting her from Brook Cottage and Ali wants to know why Declan – her landlord – is letting Megan do this. Truth is, Declan didn’t know anything about it until right now. He heads off to the cottage with Ali and gets there just in time to see Rachel thump mouthy Megan. Uh-oh… Alicia ended up in prison when she thumped Val and Megan’s keen for Rachel to go the same way!

Alicia’s in the mood to thump someone, too – but this time it’s David. He has told Priya that Alicia is not Jacob’s birth mother! How could he betray Alicia’s trust like that? Alicia is furious and hurt – and wants to hurt David. So, from now on, David is to stay out of her life – and Jacob’s. That works – David IS hurt.