Gennie stays mum about her test results!

Ironic, isn’t it? Jai’s desperate for a baby, but Charity’s not. Nikhil thinks babies are noisy little germ carriers – and Gennie thinks she’s pregnant. She confides in Chas, who tells her to take a pregnancy test. She passes, but can’t believe it. So she takes another test – and passes. No! She takes another test – and passes. Finally, Gennie accepts she’s pregnant, but she has no idea how to tell Nikhil. Well, it’s Father’s Day on June 17… She could just give him a card.

Zak might not live to see Father’s Day. He faces stranger danger from the two men who were looking for him while he was in hospital. They’re loan sharks and they’re waiting for Zak in The Woolpack. Zak’s frightened and tells Lisa he’s going to get some air. But he goes home and finds the men have got there before him. They want money – and start by taking what’s in the Dingle pot. They make it clear, though, that they’ll be back for more and Zak’s scared.

Debbie’s angry. Cameron has told Andy he should go to Paris with Sarah. The little girl’s thrilled, but Debbie’s not. She wanted Cameron with them. Trouble is, Chas wants Cameron in Emmerdale – and Chas has won.