Eli winds up Debbie about how well he gets on with Gennie and in a fit of temper she tells him she wants him out of the house. A jealous Debbie ‘lets slip’ to Pollard and Val about the factory in the B&B and Pollard is furious – until the happy rep puts in another order for 600 curtains. Gennie brokers a deal with Pollard to pay the workers a fair wage and Eli is impressed. Gennie tries to kiss Eli, but is mortified when he backs away.

Donald agrees to take Lexi back on as secretary and while he goes out for a round of golf with Rodney and Carl she gets to work on the RSVP list for his impending birthday party at Home Farm. Later, Lexi cattily remarks to Carl how much Donald’s blowing on the day but Carl tells her to mind her own business.

Marlon lies to Diane that he’s enjoying working at The Malt, while Donna insists he get down the job centre. Marlon instead gets Paddy to do some food tasting for his next newspaper recipe. Donna is furious when she finds out and insists that if he’s not going to get a job he can work in the cafe for Viv – for free!