‘Gennie, will you marry me?’ (VIDEO)

There’s Gennie thinking she’s going to be a single mum because Nikhil has dumped her and then, the very next day, he proposes! He goes down on one knee in the factory, produces an engagement ring, and pops the question. And Gennie tells him yes, yes, yes! Then Nikhil tells her he knows she’s pregnant and he’s thrilled – and then Gennie says no, no, no, she can’t marry him. She doesn’t want Nikhil to marry her just because of the baby and tells him he should marry someone he loves. Awwwww! Nikhil, you’re an idiot!

Cameron and Chas aren’t thinking straight, either. They feel guilty about making plans to leave Emmerdale together, but they carry on making the plans anyway. Cameron’s way of getting out is to tell Debbie that he’s off to see his kids in Jersey. He’s already lied once about that so even if Debbie doesn’t get suspicious, Cain will – and that’s dangerous.

Charity’s playing a dangerous game by meddling in her in-laws’ broken marriage. She tells Georgia that Rishi is missing her, but he’s not at all – he’s having a great time flirting with Val, thank you.