Once Nikhil has found a way to breathe in that tight shirt of his, he corners Gennie so that he can apologise for laughing in her face when she told him that she loved him. He’s wasting his breath, though. Gennie’s not in a forgiving mood, not even when Nikhil tries to say sorry with a cake (and Gennie does have a sweet tooth). But… His words haven’t fallen on entirely deaf ears and, later, Gennie starts to wonder if maybe Nikhil does fancy her. Here we go again!

Leyla does not fancy the idea of her son, Jacob (who has only ever known Alicia as his mum), moving overseas – or even to another county. David knows this, so he’s right to be worried when he hears that Alicia and Andy are going property hunting in Spain. And he’s right to be even more worried when he hears Leyla promising Jacob that he can live with her if he doesn’t like Spain.

Nicola’s making promises, too – to cause trouble for Angelica’s nursery because they won’t keep Jimmy away from his little girl! Ah, spiteful, mean-spirited, whiney, wicked, witchy Nicola is back with a vengeance!